Entrepreneurs and roller coasters

I spoke to several friends this week. All of them are entrepreneurs.

Some of them were in a slowdown period while others were having a nice momentum.

But, all of them spoke about what we call among us « roller costers ».
One day, you’re having a wonderful revenue, everyone is calling you, they all want to work with you.
You have amazing sales, with a nice average basket, and a wonderful conversion rate.
And the following day or the following month, well, it is just the opposite. No sales. No phone calls. Nothing. Strictly nothing.

The fact is you don’t know what to do to change that because you’ve done nothing different. Last month it was working and now it is not. But you didn’t change a single thing in your marketing or sales campaigns.
You don’t know what to do.because you don’t understand what is going on and therefore how to.change this, how to improve it.

It’s incredibly difficult to handle these situations, these business ups and downs. And it affects your moral. It hurts.your moral. You get anxious, nervous and even depressed.

Being positive and.confident whith these roller coasters is exhausting and.almost impossible.

All of the entrepreneurs talked about thr.difficulty to manage these different periods of time. One day you’re on the top of the hill and the next day you’re down the hill.

So what can we do in order to overcome these ups and downs ?

Keep moving. Never give up. Keep looking forward. Everything will pay.

You have to admit that these roller coasters are part of the entrepreneur’s mindset. It’s classic. It’s part of the business and you have to admit it. It has nothing to do with you. So don’t worry, keep working for the long term. Everything you’re doing will have a positive impact. When ? We don’t know. But it will happen. For sure. Keep the big picture in mind and focus on the long term.


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