The Bezos Napkin Diagram (or the Bezos Flying Wheel) : Jeff Bezos vision of Growth

Jeff Bezos Amazon Flying Wheel

Growth. Every entrepreneur is looking for growth.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder and CEO, wrote his vision of growth on a napkin.

The « Bezos Napkin Diagram » is quite simple: You will be able to catch Traffic (customers) thanks to two things: selection and customer experience. Actually, by working with top sellers, Amazon is capable of providing a large selection of products, which provides a great customer experience.

This amazing customer experience brings more traffic, which brings more sellers, which brings more products, which brings a much better customer experience because you can always find the product you are looking for on Amazon.

This growth lowers the infrastructure costs (warehouse and fulfilment), which allows Amazon to offer low prices to customers, which drives loyalty and repeat customers…


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